Ustad Zia Fariddudin Dagar


ustad_bewerkt-115 June 1931 – 8 May 2013

“There’s only the soul that needs awakening. The sound needs to be born inside. Drown yourself in it. Feel the note , understand it, sing it”

Ustad Zia Fariddudin Dagar represented the musical tradition of a family that is believed to have preserved and nurtured Dhrupad for the last 19 generations. He was born in 1932 in Udaipur, India. His father,  Ustad Ziauddin Dagar was the court musician for the Maharajah of Udaipur.

Ustad was taught vocal and instrumental music (rudra veena and sitar) by his father and later by his elder brother Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar. He was know for his remarkable command over microtones (swar-bheda).

Ustad is responsible to a great exstent for popularising Dhrupad by his numerous concerts and workshops. He travelled and performed widely in India and abroad. In recognition of his immense contribution to the classical music of India, Ustad has been bestowed with many prestigious awards.

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